Найкраща Пісня 
для Вивчення Англійських Прикметників

Слова до пісні можна завантажити ТУТ

Looking for songs for practising of one of the verb tenses in English?
– tefltunes have compiled this handy list of links to songs that focus on different tenses from the present simple to the third conditional: Songs For Teaching English Grammar

English Grammar Online … the fun way to learn English online

12 (All) English Tenses with Examples

English Grammar→Tenses+Verbs-Rules+Exercises PDF

Watch this Grammar Snack and practise your conditionals! Do the activities below the video 


48 Common Phrasal Verbs In Context - Advanced English Grammar - Master English Conversation 2.0

'Knock' in Phrasal Verbs - knock out, knock up, knock over...

8 'head' phrasal verbs - head up, head out, head off...

10 GET Phrasal Verbs: get down, get off, get through, get up, get away...

9 TURN Phrasal Verbs: turn on, turn off, turn over, turn around, turn out...

10 HOLD Phrasal Verbs: hold up, hold to, hold out...

Phrasal Verbs - FALL: fall for, fall in, fall behind, fall through...

LOOK at these PHRASAL VERBS with "look"

Phrasal Verbs with TAKE: "take to", "take in", "take after"...

Phrasal Verbs with BACK: "back up", "back off", "back out"...

Jazzing up grammar
Making grammar more interesting for students is one of the great challenges any EFL teacher faces.
Whether teaching from a course book or from other sources, it is inevitable that you will have to cover some English grammar. The way that teachers tackle grammar varies a great deal and there is no real right or wrong way to do it. At the beginning it’s a case of trying several different approaches to see which ones are most effective for you and your students. 
Here are some points to consider when teaching grammar.


-tian, -sion and -tion


Defining and non-defining relative clauses

VOCABULARY: How to use interjections

Learning English-Lesson Sixty Six - Idioms & Proverbs

Conditionals - English Grammar Lesson

Irregular Verbs in English: Learn English Verbs

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