This innovative class activity draws on the suggestive powers of music to stimulate students to extend their speaking skills: Musical landscapes
– Suitable for most language levels and age groups

Do you have shy students in class who are sometimes reluctant to speak?
 If you do, this activity is a great way to break down their inhibitions and get them involved!

Short projects to get them talking

There’s nothing like a group project to get students talking.They work well as long as:

The topic is centred on the learners’ interests
There is not any real need for extensive or time-consuming research
Students can present their work orally to the rest of the class.

One particularly successful format is based on our love of lists. Students in small groups work towards compiling a top five.
Examples of top five topics are here → "Short projects to get them talking"

Ask Answer Add - A Speaking Activity to Help Learners Maintain a Natural Conversation

A great speaking activity which requires no resources and will help your learners build the skills they need to maintain a conversation. 

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